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Duct Cleaning

One area often forgotten about in cleaning your home is your HVAC System. Why should you clean your HVAC system? Your HVAC unit circulates the same air in your home 50 times a day. It is a great place for mold and bacteria to breed, on top of that dirt from your home gets into your HVAC unit. 1/2 an inch of dirt can lower the efficiency of your HVAC unit by over 20%.


Your HVAC unit re-circulates the air in your home as much as 50 times a day. The EPA has found that indoor air can be polluted 70% more than outdoor air. Children are more likely to be affected by polluted air. If that's not enough reason to have your air ducts cleaned then maybe think about how much it is costing you. With half an inch of dirt, your system is only operating at 80% efficiency. Most filters are less than 10% efficient at stopping dust, pollen, and dirt from getting into your HVAC unit. All of this is bad enough, but if you're not the first resident in your home chances are you're breathing in other people dirt also. Why be left with someone else’s dirt?


Call Maynard Refrigeration Service - let us come clean out your dirty ducts and save you money by making your HVAC unit more efficient. We can also prevent this by talking about our lines of UV/electronic air cleaners. Call today and let us answer any questions on cleaning the air in your home.

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